Our Hygiene Procedure

As Club Beyy Resort Hotel, the health of our dear guests and employees is of our top priority. In this regard, we announce that we have taken additional measures within the scope of our hygiene procedure in our facility against all viruses and microbes, especially COVID-19, which causes health threat worldwide. All of our personnel is regularly subjected to the necessary trainings in order to meet certain hygienic conditions.

Parallel to our objectives in tourism, our first goal is to protect and raise our standards in hygiene and health, based on the principle: "human comes first.” Therefore, we would like to share with you the measures we have taken and our priorities.

Club Beyy Resort Hotel staff,

* Attend personal hygiene training on a regular basis and take necessary actions set within the scope of our work standards and health authorities.

* Personal hygiene issues are also included in our staff meetings and are frequently reminded to our staff. The health of our staff and our valued guests constitute the basis of our trust as a brand.

* Our training on all hygiene measures against microbes and viruses has been included in our training program on COVID-19 awareness, depending on the latest developments, and our staff is kept updated regularly. All provided information relies on the most up-to-date data.

As Club Beyy Resort Hotel, our department supervisors and management units in all our facilities are ready at all times for any kind of condition that may pose a health threat, and are aware of their responsibilities in supporting communication with local and regional health authorities.

Hygiene and Disinfection Measures

Club Beyy Resort Hotel runs its operations based on a system that relies on the hygiene and cleaning principles set by the world health authorities and includes the brands complying with these principles. Our health and hygiene procedures are implemented thoroughly and sustainably.

Accommodation conditions of our guests are under the guarantee of our brand.

After the check-out of our each guest, the rooms are made ready for the following guest in compliance with our hygiene and disinfection protocol. Our team uses brands and equipment recommended by health authorities for the disinfection and hygiene of our facility.

The frequency of hygiene and disinfection practices has been intensified especially in common areas, our restaurants, SPA center, pools, children's playgrounds and activity areas, elevators and buttons, door handles and room keys in common areas.

Under the leadership of T.R. Ministry of Health, we act carefully in the necessary issues in all areas of our facility in terms of hygiene and disinfection in order to set the pace in the world. In this regard, table arrangements in the restaurant and social distance rules are both applied in our facility and reminders are frequently made to increase the awareness of our staff. Sun beds on our beaches and piers are also put into service of our valued guests in accordance with the social distance rules, and our coastal arrangement has been made in a way that disinfection can be done easily.

As Club Beyy Resort Hotel, we always believe in the basic principle: "health and trust come first” in a period when we fight against COVID-19 worldwide in our facility, one of the distinguished representatives of tourism in our country. In this regard, we guarantee that we will ensure the sustainability of our measures throughout the season.

Club Beyy Resort Hotel

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